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How Many Days?


1 Day Cleanse:

Know you need to cleanse but the idea of not eating food for more than a day is a bit much to grapple with. Fair enough. The one day cleanse is designed to ease you into the world of cleansing whilst giving your organs a rest and pumping them full of healing nutrients. The one day cleanse is perfect to integrate regularly into your lifestyle whether every week, fortnight or month, incorporating a regular cleanse will outshine the benefits of any one off effort.

2 Day Cleanse:

Double the fun! Perhaps you have already done a cleanse and know not only is it easier than you thought, you feel downright amazing and you’re ready to step it up a notch. Or perhaps you’re just ready to jump in with both feet. We get it and our two day cleanse is designed just for you.

3 Day Cleanse:

Serious about cleansing? Or perhaps you’ve been serious about indulging! Either way, our three day cleanse is your gold pass to looking and feeling lighter, brighter and generally, a whole lot more awesome. To prime your body for success, try eating mostly fruit and veg for a day or two  before your cleanse.  Your body will thank you!

All of these cleanses are going to be beneficial for your body but for optimum results, cleansing should become a part of your lifestyle. Whether once a week, or once a month, regular cleansing will maximise the benefits. Just as going for a walk is great for your health, it’s a whole lot better for you if it becomes your way of life. You get the picture.

Pssst: If you’re experiencing chronic diarrhoea, bad bloating or just like the idea of sipping something savoury and warm, it is possible to sub in some of our certified organic restorative chicken broth in place of a couple of juices. You can take a peek at their healing properties here.