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Noosa Coldpress


Benefits of Noosa Coldpress Juice

  • Supercharged immune system: Noosa Cold Press juice contains essential vitamins and minerals to help your body fight disease.
  • Youth in a glass: The powerful concentration of nutrients will make you look and feel more radiant. Your skin will get its glow on, your hair will shine. Twenty years old you say?
  • Sleep like a baby: feeling younger? You’ll sleep like it to as regular juicing promotes better sleep patterns.
  • Dux of the class: Our juices flood your system with nutrients and flush out the toxins that stagnate and putrefy resulting in increased mental clarity (and possibly razor-sharp wit).
  • Plumbing service: No one likes to talk about their bowels but we all care! Our juices help nourish your colon, flush out your bowel and regulate what they’re there for : )
  • Energy boost:  Reach for a Noosa Coldpress juice for your boost.
  • Purify you: every sip helps you cleanse & detoxify; eliminate free radicals and flush out toxins.
  • Overall awesomeness: You can expect to feel clearer, more optimistic and rejuvenated on the inside, and radiant and lean on the outside! Trust us, you’ll notice a difference!

Why Cold Press Juice?

Simple. We believe in the old adage, if you're going to do something, do it properly. Cold pressing juice is the best way to maximise the nutrients you get from the fruit and vegetables you are juicing. But why? Well thanks for asking you curious cat, here's the lowdown:

Traditional centrifugal juicers use internal blades that spin up to 30,000 revs per minute. That's REALLY fast and the process incurs heat and exposes ingredients to air, two things that cut down on how many nutrients make their way into your glass. They are cheaper and faster than cold pressed juicers which is why they are what most retailers use.

At Noosa Cleanse, we don't cut corners and we're proud of it!

Cold press juicers extract juice by pressing and squeezing fruits and vegetables without adding heat, hence the term "cold-pressed." We extract our juice in a two-part process. First we cut and grind the ingredients. Then we press them. Because the press moves nice and slowly little oxygen gets into the juice, preventing oxidization and ensuring our juice stays nice and fresh for 3 days.

'Why not just eat raw fruit and veg?' we hear you ask.

Raw solid foods can take hours to digest. Our cold-pressed juices have had all the fiber removed. Fibre impairs the absorption of many nutrients in fruit and vegetables and can aggravate sensitive digestive systems. This is important because all the enzymes, nutrients and antioxidants are immediately absorbed into your bloodstream meaning the good stuff gets where it needs to be faster! Also, our green juices are equivalent to around 1kg of raw fresh produce. Don't eat that much produce? Neither do we. And that's the point. You can fit an awful lot of vege's into one big glass of juice.

Noosa Coldpress juices pack the hardest-hitting nutritional punch of any juice around.

Our Juices click on each to find out their benefits & all the good stuff inside.

GREEN A : deep cleansing, beautifying, calming

lettuce, cucumber, celery, apple, kale, lemon, supergreens

ORANGE A : liver tonic, skin healer, vitality & vigour encouraging

carrot, apple cucumber, lemon, ginger, turmeric

Available in:

Rainbow Cleanse

SPICY LEMONAID : detoxifying, alkalising, metabolism boosting

lemon, apple, alkaline water, celtic sea salt, cayenne pepper, green leaf stevia powder

Available in:

Rainbow Cleanse

RED A : blood building, kidney flushing, liver cleansing

carrot, beetroot, cucumber, apple, celery, lemon

Available in:

Rainbow Cleanse

ELIXIR A : anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, nurturing

alkaline water, chia seeds, lemon myrtle leaf, lemongrass, licorice root, vanilla bean powder

Available in:

Rainbow Cleanse

CHAI CASHEW MILK : fat flushing, muscle & bone building, satisfying

alkaline water, cashew nuts, coconut butter, dates, ayurvedic chai spices, celtic sea salt, vanilla bean powder, tumeric

Available in:

Rainbow Cleanse

GREEN B : alkalising, healing, stimulating, mood lifting, immunizing

spinach, cucumber, celery, kale, parsley, lemon, ginger

Available in:

Green Guru Cleanse