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Why Cleanse?


  • You feel perpetually tired, sluggish or just not on your game
  • If the only red juice you’ve had recently is wine
  • You notice digestive issues such as bloating or slow-moving bowels
  • You have a few stubborn kg’s you’d really like to kick          
  • You can feel a cold, illness or infection trying to creep in
  • You have a weakened immune system
  • You simply want to feel; lighter and clearer, radiant and revitalised, rested and rebalanced and more aware of what you are putting into your body. Yes please!

It’s a beautiful world out there but let’s face it, it’s a toxic world. From petrol fumes and pollution in the air, to the chemicals in the food we eat and the water we drink. Toxins are poisons which cause damage to your cells and tissue which, if not cleared out, can result in low energy, poor skin quality, clogged bowels, headaches, sluggish metabolism and even more serious imbalances. At Noosa Cleanse we believe we need to eliminate these built up toxins on a consistent basis for optimum health. It’s the only way to make sure we can squeeze the most out of life, everyday!

Why it works

Noosa Cleanse is designed to give your insides a rest from breaking down heavily processed, difficult to digest and what we call nutritionally-blank foods (foods that still need to be broken down by the body but contain little nutritional value).  It’s only fair right? Everything deserves a break from time to time!

Giving your digestive system a rest gives your body a chance to work on clearing out some of the toxicity that has built up.

Noosa Cleanse provides for you:

  • Antioxidant dense, nutrient rich and enzyme laden organic Coldpress juices from Noosa Coldpress

Everything supplied in a Noosa Cleanse has been chosen to rebuild and restore the body. Normalising the digestion improves the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and nutrients from the food you feed it.

Our philosophy

We think a Noosa Cleanse is the ultimate bad-habit crusher! We believe our focused cleanses break unhealthy eating patterns and move us towards optimum health. We repair our insides whilst relearning to feed ourselves vibrant and health generating foods. Start implementing healthy choices and the not so great choices start slipping away. It really is that easy.

At Noosa Cleanse we want the cleanse journey you take with us to be fun and fulfilling. We fly the flag of celebration not deprivation. Keep your toxic load to a minimum and start squeezing the most from your life.  Oh yeah!